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Write with total peace of mind.

Hermit’s got your back. Worry less, write more.

Double Encryption

All the communication between you and Hermit’s servers is fully encrypted through SSL. In addition, all the content stored on Hermit’s databases is fully encrypted.

Public and Private Sharing

Feel like sharing what you’ve written? Generate shareable URLs in click and have the option to add a password to protect them.

Powerful Auto-Save

Everything you type is automatically backed up on Hermit’s servers so you never lose any data. Even if your computer crashes, everything will be saved.

Carefully Designed

Hermit has a beautiful, minimalistic layout. Everything has been designed to optimize your writing experience.

Share what you write anonymously.

Hermit is a 31794 users strong community (growing everyday)

Publish your Writings

Hermit’s Library is the perfect place to share your writings publicly. People will be able to read them on their phones or computer in a beautiful, modern layout.

Get Recognition

Hermit users can vote for the texts they liked. Gain exposure and readership by publishing your writings.

Weekly Reports

Every week, you receive an email with statistics about your readership. Know how many people have been reading your writings.

Author Name

Publish your writings under the name that you want (or anonymously). Hermit users have total control over their online presence.

Connect with people from around the world.

Try Hermit’s Anonymous Penpals Platform

Over 160 Countries

Hermit has users from over 160 Countries. That’s pretty much everywhere on earth. It’s the perfect place to exchange with someone with a different culture.

Real Penpal Experience

When you receive a letter from your penpal, you have to wait 12 hours before you can read it. A lot of the excitement of having a penpal is in the wait. We believe it’s what makes the exprience so much different than instant messaging.

Learn New Languages

People are matched according to the languages they speak and/or are interested in learning. This can be an interesting experiment if you’re trying to learn a new language.

Totally Anonymous

The only thing your penpal will know about you are your Username and the country you’re from. You’re in total control of your privacy.

Take part in awesome community projects.

We publish books and do other cool stuff together

Hermit Book Project

Hermit users are periodically invited to work on a collective book project that features texts from around the world, in their authors’ mother tongue.