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La Ridgeway Welle / Reviews

By Anonymous
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Vital Weekly

"How different is 'Le Ridgeway Welle', with two pieces, 11:50 both of them, and one is called 'Elsendita Clean' and the other is 'Elsendita Dub', the latter only available on this cassette and not in the download it seems. The cover lists the various bits of equipment used, "Zoom H2, Tascam DR-60D, Rode NTG2, various binaural and contact microphones, computer and software". I would think that this is very much a recording from around the house where Sulidae puts his microphones in the walls and picks up the electric whirring of cables, machines and such. All of this is high-pitched material, with underneath chaos, only to be found in the animal world. It's loud and it is dirty and I like it very much. This seems a more unusual work for Sulidae (I admit I didn't hear his entire output), but it makes great sense to do something different. The 'dub' version, to be honest, I have no idea what to make of it. It's not dub in a way that Lee Scratch Perry would learn you. It might, and again, I might be wrong, that Sulidae uses some alternative filtering system on the original but keeps the composition as such intact. Odd, but most enjoyable as well."

Read 27 times