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Chemiefaserwerk / Reviews

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Vital Weekly

"Our French man in Berlin (I believe) who calls his musical enterprise Chemiefaserwerk is more active than what reaches these pages. I believe, but I might be wrong that this work is mainly released on cassette as part of the current network of labels. Some of these labels make it to these pages and Philip Sulidea's label Hemisphäre Nokukyo is one of them. Releases by Chemiefaserwerk are usually not long and I can only speculate why that is; maybe the constant need to fill label requests leads to a shortage in recordings is one of the reasons. On the two pieces here, both untitled, Chemiefaserwerk does what he does best and that is creating lo-fi sound collages out of found sounds and or field recordings, random electronica bits, a bit of synthesizer work and some instruments. Here the latter could be a combination of piano and percussion, but they were taped with the use of some rusty magnetic tapes so their sound is all crumbled together. I would like to believe Chemiefaserwerk sits down with all of these sound sources and has them at a bunch of faders on his desk and then starts to mix them until something emerges he is fully satisfied with. Atmosphere plays an important role in these pieces, as it does in pretty much all of his work. This time around it is all-particular delicate, especially on the first side. Surely this is another fine release, albeit another one too short."

Read 27 times