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Vital Weekly

"Here Philip Sulidae from Australia releases on Belgium's Audio Visuals Atmosphere and Sounds Against Humanity from Italy. They are two very different releases, even there is not a lot we know about them. The first ten minutes longer than the other and as usual the label has a fine yet vague description on Bandcamp; "Uncovered greyscale concoctions in a continual labyrinth of hexagonal proportions. Sculpted fragments were thrown against the substratum of centuries past. Sparse angles are draped in solemn energy while strange signals cover held beliefs. Altering dissonant states of veiled reverberations will remain to collect dust. Ominous treats in the engine of the mind recall features of a preserved memory." Read into that what you will, I guess. The six pieces range from four to six minutes and throughout is very quiet and consisting of drones, crackles and has very much a nocturnal feeling to them. It is as if Sulidae sat down on the edge of an urban environment, with a microphone captured movement in the grass and back home amplified the rumble of the city from far away to create the element of drones. As usual, I might be wrong of course. The six pieces are called 'Neamhchinnteacht', which, is Irish for 'uncertainty'. The fact that Sulidea calls these parts with the same title, ties them in together; six approaches of the same thing and each quite different from the other. Not just nocturnal playback."

Read 31 times