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Carlo Giustini + Banished Pills / Reviews

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Vital Weekly

"The tape that I enjoyed most out of this batch was “Bilocazioni”, by Carlo Giustini and Banished Pills (aka Edoardo Cammisa, who also runs the Sounds Against Humanity label… hang on, is that a label named after a party card game?! Oh dear…) and it’s a good one. Many sound sources/instruments are listed (including, intriguingly, “plant bio data translated into sound”… not sure what that means… is that what Michael Prime does? Dunno), but it's to the artists’ credit that the music transcends its ingredients. Each side was composed by one of the two guys, but it’s unclear whether the sounds were made by both people or if this was a split release. I can’t tell from listening, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Giustini and Cammisa burst right out of the gate with a thick fog of tape hiss and droning goo, beneath which some falling clunk seems to shuffle and snore. Giustini’s side is drone-centric and vertical, stacking viscous analog puddles into mushy blobs of rotten cellulose. Cammissa’s side is more event-driven, throwing field recordings together into a collage of microphone fumble, pond water blorp and ambient room hum. The tape sounds dirty, as if it was left beneath a floorboard for a couple of hot summers, then unearthed and released with minimal mastering."

Read 99 times