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Folamh, endless / Reviews

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Vital Weekly

"Phil Maguire is from London and from I only reviewed one release before, 'Solo Computer Music' in Vital Weekly 1083. Here the credits include "cassette tapes, computer and field recordings" and it fits that whole lo-fi hiss/noise aesthetic of rumbling drones from the most obscured field recordings available. There are six pieces here and they all last nine minutes and a few seconds. There are quite some differences here. The cassette opens with 'Music For Blank Cassette #1', mucho hiss, maximum amplified, followed 'Thrum Hum' for instance there is a deep rumble of bass sounds and a well detuned radio leaking messages from behind the Iron Curtain (that old), but then comes 'Partikel #1', which is high end drone like sine wave piece.

On Side B we see a sort of repetition of the program, with the second parts of 'Music For Blank Cassette' and 'Partikel' with 'Panel Break' in the middle. The second blank cassette is less amplified and the second partikel is much deeper when it comes to the bass-end, less piercing as well. 'Panel Break'is another highly obscure field recording; for the love of it I have no idea what this is. Screen wipers in winter time? It surely has some sort of inside of a car atmosphere, with the cassette this time in the background being all wobbly. Surely this is a car indeed of some repair. Great variation in here, and great concept by mirroring the pieces on both sides."

Read 199 times