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Petrification and Strife / Reviews

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Vital Weekly

"Philip Sulidae has the shortest tape, around twenty-six minutes, and he uses 'contact mics, wire, field recordings, computer and software' and the two pieces are curious collages of sounds that are very obscure. He takes a walk through Sydney, armed with a handheld recorder and his contact mics and tapes the environment, the metallic railings, drips and drops of water, tapping on the pavement, or below, walking about, mics in a plastic bag and so on. Once at home he goes for the most crackling of affairs and adds very nifty bits of delay and reverb in occasional places, sticks seemingly random events in an order, adds open microphone of rain and thunder and thus paints this odd sound picture of the city.

If of course this is what he does. As usual I very limited knowledge of how these matters work. I might be entirely wrong of course. But being someone who loves to stick contact microphones onto streetlights, flagpoles and rabbit cages, I think this is a wonderful head trip, leaving a lot to imagine and Sulidae managed to capture some truly strange sounds, which made me occasionally wonder if it wasn't something in my own space, just was the illusion spun by Sulidae and that's how soundscapes like this work best for me. Some scary shit, indeed."

Read 48 times