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Vital Weekly

"Andrea Borghi for instance, is someone whom we know for his solo work as well as his membership of Vipcancro. In much of his work computers play an important role, especially such software that radically alters the field recordings he puts in. Think Cycling 74s Max/msp for instance. Here he has seven pieces which he produced during an Artist Residency at Tempo Reale, Florence / 2017, in which he uses prepared turntable, electroacoustic device and computer and I think it is something that shows in these music pieces.

There is metal object upon turntable approach, scanning surfaces via rotating movements. In these pieces it is not easy to say what and if the computer is applied to do some further processing. In some of these pieces I tend to think there is certainly some kind of processing, but in others perhaps not. There is a fine electro-acoustic feeling about these pieces, which adds uneasiness to the music and it's something that works rather fine I think. These seven pieces seem to me to forming one big piece, seven examples of possibilities within a limited set of means."

Read 35 times