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Vital Weekly

"From Masayuki Imanishi I reviewed some time ago a new LP released by Moving Furniture Records (Vital Weekly 1115), as well as some earlier releases and on this new tape the exploration of small sounds continues. These small sounds consist of paper, radio and synthesizer, but I would think might also include a bit of computer treatment. As before I would think that Imanishi records a bundle of tracks together, say three minutes of paper rustling, radio tweaking and synth buzzing, and that times two or three so there is something to choose from when it comes to mixing, going within the space of a composition back and forth between all the variations recorded. It is still, by nature, small music, that never breaks out in a big way, but intended for a more contemplative state of listening. In ‘B’ there is quite a bit of reverb to suggest space, which me thinks is a rather new approach here. While I am still the sucker for small sounds I must say that Imanishi’s approach isn’t the most original one and within the world of microsound there are/were plenty of predecessors taking a similar course, even when Imanishi may use a bit more acoustic sounds. Having said that, I also think this is a really fine cassette; just to say: if you can’t get enough of the previous ones, here it is."

Read 25 times