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Scenes from a Duplex / Reviews

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The Sound Projector

"Last heard the Australian sound artist Philip Sulidae in 2015 with his History Of Violence, which was a sonic exploration of a forest area using field recordings and ambient noises…to generate an extremely effective sense of “atmosphere”, that elusive quality so many claim to seek. It’s oddly compelling listening material, despite the general uneventfulness…once again Sulidae has a keen sense of tension, keeping us in a perpetual state of expectation, not simply content to let mundanity roll by on a conveyor belt of the mind.

The History of Violence had a dark subtext (murder, psychopaths…) which is not overtly present on this record, but Scenes From A Duplex is still vaguely unsettling, casting doubts on the seemingly-safe suburban environment it is drawn from, seeming to see mysterious goings-on behind every picture window. The visual inserts do much to reinforce this impression; otherwise ordinary snapshots treated heavily with process dots, until our sense of alienation is complete."

Vital Weekly

"Sulidae uses quite extreme processes to filter out lots of sound and from whatever residue is left he builds a collage of sounds ... Some of his frequencies are a quite high or very low, such as the rumble of thunder over head in 'Storm (Front Of House)' ... ‘Inverse Storm (Backyard Soundtrack)’ has more continuous layers of sounds, which from time to time seem to be recorded from afar; it sounds like he's trying to pick street sounds through a closed door, thus amplifying the 'empty' sounds so that it becomes alive. Not entirely the haunted house soundtrack, but something that worked very well, along the lines of the work of say Roel Meelkop or Marc Behrens ...”


"En el primero de ellos “Storm (front of house)”, Sulidae comienza con sutiles registros de campo (estruendo de truenos, voces, objetos encontrados) que al parecer fueran grabados desde lejos, a los que va agregando finas capas de drones y sonidos procesados.

Luego en “Inverse storm (backyard soundcheck)” se aprecian sonidos de pájaros, agua, el motor de un vehículo que se transforma en un drone y algunos ruidos inclasificables. Todo ello en bajas frecuencias, en consecuencia, requiere estar muy atento a los pequeños sonidos que están en el trasfondo.

Sulidae con sus paisajes sonoros propone relevar el medio ambiente para que el oyente construya su propia historia."

Read 418 times