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Pet dogs around the world to ride an elephant fly climbing the Great Wall (Photo)

6 months, Oscar traveled to 29 countries on five continents. The picture shows Oscar in the Andes in Peru’s “Lost City” – pictures of Machu Picchu.

Oscar and owner Joanne elephant ride along, feeling the elephant in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu to do with transportation.

A pet dog along with the owners around the world, traveled five continents, 29 countries. The dog will not only ride an elephant sitting on the helicopter, still the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, Great Wall of China and other world famous as the first pictures taken.

Per the British “Daily Mail” 20 reported that only around the world dog named Oscar. Five years ago, its owner Joanne Lively Sen from an animal shelter in South Africa it “rescue” them.

In May this year, in order to mobilize resources in order to save more stray dogs, with Oscar Joanne began a journey around the globe. They have been through the river full of crocodiles, who boarded the Great Wall of China, the Statue of Liberty was taking pictures under the final owner of the Academy and completed the trip last week.

The six-month trip, costing £ 250,000. The money is Joanne sell their house, visited 25 shelters after charity raising to.


Chihuahua from Mexico to America’s history after 1898 is unclear so far. It was determined that this dog originated in South America, initially regarded as sacred by the Inca tribe breeds, and later spread to Aspen Celtics family. Some people think that this dog is the aggressor to the New World with the Spanish varieties, or in the early 19th century, imported from China’s. In short, the exact source of Chihuahua As everyone mixed. Per these imaginary times from Leo Abbey Celtics family in Mexico to explore the statue, and a small dog bones. According to the Chinese chapter on the dog like a crown, is that this dog came from distant Asia. All the above judgments, cannot explain this from a variety of dogs, but since ancient times came from a variety of species mating. 1923 Chihuahua Club was established, it is America’s most popular one of the 12 varieties of dog. British Chihuahua Club, established in 1949. Is the world’s smallest dog, also known as odd baby, and appreciation of Qi flower dog?

Chihuahua small dog breeds are the most small, will have tough, elegant, alert and prompt action to symmetry of the physical and petite body is widely popular. Chihuahua small dog toys are not only cute dogs, but also have a large dog’s hunting instinct and Prevention, has a similar temperament terrier. The dogs were divided into species and short-haired long-haired species. This petite size dog to other dogs is not timid, very brave, and in front of a large dog in self-defense, the heart of the owner is very exclusive. Short hair and long hair of different species is that shiny, close, smooth short coat. In addition to long-haired Chihuahua species abundant back hair, but the same species as the short-haired with a tendency to tremble. It is quite chilly, not raised in outdoor kennels, warm winter coat out to be added. Chihuahua small stature, less demanding of living space, the space is basically like a normal accommodation is enough to make them go play the. They are active throughout the day not many, they do not often take time out to play with it. Chihuahua every day to stay at home, is very suitable to be now living in the apartment keeping people inside.

Rounded “apple-shaped” head. Look beautiful. Eyes large but not prominent, well-proportioned, the best showing bright black or red. Large ears, ears set in a more upright when alert, but in repose, separately, a 45-degree angle between the ears. Muzzle short, slightly pointed. Black, blue and chocolate varieties, nose color consistent with their body color. Varieties of yellow pink noses are allowed. Scissors bite or clamp-like bite.

Slight curvature of the neck, the perfect combination with the shoulder. The topline is level. Support from the thoracic ribs rounded, so well-built strong (but not the formation of barrel chest). Tail of moderate length, showing sickle-shaped holding or out, or roll back, the tip just touching the back.

Forelimb shoulders narrow, widens gradually down, front legs straight, so the elbow activities without restriction. Shoulder should be progressive, balanced and strong, sloping to the back (shoulder cannot be down or too low.) Chest and robust forequarters. Foot slender, beautiful feet toes just right on a separate, thick pad. Slim ankle.

Dog people from this post net) H & G9 V7 x, R * q. d5 b * A ( Dog Man Network – the world of dogs and love

Muscular hind legs, from the right, not relying too much on the outside or inside, looking down, strong and sturdy. Enough with the forelimbs.

Short-haired coat type of texture is very soft, close and smooth. Dog hair covering the body and tail are good fur collar, and sparse hair on the head and ears. The hair on the tail like fur. In Long hair is soft, flat or slightly curved. Feathering the edge of the ear (if the ear is thin, and hair ornaments are more likely to be slightly under the ear forward.) Full and long tail (plume).

Chihuahua small stature, less demanding of living space, the space is basically like a normal accommodation is enough to make them go play the. They are active throughout the day not many, they do not often take time out to play with it. Very suitable to be now living in the apartment keeping people inside, Chihuahua every day to stay at home, very suitable for busy professionals.

Select the content and methods of enjoying the puppies

1. the best choice for purebred dogs

Analysis of whether the species should be the important basis of pure pedigree, from the shape recognition of the merits of the dog. In addition, the Department should be aware of his father and maternal breeds pros and cons, to analyze the merits of puppies.

2. Check the dog’s health and an important part of election

Sick or has some defects in dogs, no matter how well species cannot vote to stay. Health checks should note the following.

(1) degree of mental health dogs lively, responsive, emotional stability, and enjoy being close to people, willing to play with people, and alert, high alert. Timid timid and afraid of people who, lack of energy, bow Dai Li, unresponsive to outside stimuli, or even ignore, or too sensitive to things around, frightened expression, or hostile to the people, like to attack people, constantly barking or blind activity, wild rush Dengjun poor mental state.

(2) dazzled the eyes of dogs to distinguish from their health status. Healthy dogs conjunctiva pink, bright eyes do not cry, no discharge, his eyes the same size no injuries or scars. Dogs common conjunctival hyperemia, and even showed a blue-violet, visible suffering from anemia are pale mucous membranes, eyes with gum, his eyes dull, or ashamed to weep.

(3) nose: health dogs nose wet, cold, no serous or purulent discharge, if the nose dry, even cracked, then the hot dog may be suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

(4) oral: oral hygiene in dogs moist, mucous membranes pink, bright red tongue or with a variety of characteristic color, no tongue, no bad breath. The dog mouth closed, to observe whether the salivation dysraphism.

(5) Skin: Healthy skin soft and flexible in dogs, skin temperature and not cold not hot, feel gentle, fluffy and shiny coat. Dogs, dry skin, poor flexibility, coarse hair messy, if any parasites, but also shows alopecia areata, crusts, and ulcers.

(6) Anal: health dog’s anus tightening around clean and free of foreign matter. When the dogs suffering from diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, common anal relaxation, surrounded by filthy dirty, and sometimes that inflammation and ulcers.

(7) limbs: Let dogs running back and forth to observe the limb is normal, if their limp, the two front legs inward close together (o -shaped legs) or outward diverge (x -shaped legs) are considered abnormal.

Through the above examinations, basically dogs can be detected.

1. The selection to the further deterioration

After the above checks, you can choose a healthy dog, but in order for breeding purposes (or treated or partner) and skills training, physical and smart dog should be to step of checking. To this end, subject to the following checks:

2. In order to test whether the selected puppy agility against everything, you can let the dog by the look of a test object (handkerchief or plastic toys), then the object gently toss up, if the dog’s attention glued to fall objects, then it is normal, if not concerned about falling objects, are the spirit of slack or dull.

3. hand brought puppies to not call those who do not struggle as well. If the struggle, sent sorrow and death would not succumb to anti-pit, are the nervous type, is” difficult to teach” in the category.

4. to observe whether the genetic defects. Purebred dog breeds tend to retain their advantages, often because of recent reproduction (race too close) and some genetic defects. Such as the Shar-Pei, Chow Chow and Beijing, Poodles hair inverted prone to eye (because of the worldwide” origin criteria” excessive emphasis on the characteristics of their eyes due to), especially in Shar-Pei more common. Dog linked spots appear and the majority of spots missing teeth occurred. Boxer prone to joint disease, deafness or neurotic or emotionally unstable dogs, unpredictable behavior, most of the genetic or human behavior (often no reason to play it) caused. If the history of the previous generation has dog bite, the next generation may inherit. Even if these dog breeds pure, beautiful appearance, cannot be reserved for breeding, must be eliminated.

5. body parts to symmetry, proportion. Nose, around the anus and the soles of the feet, etc. pigment to be adequate. Various standard.

6. to know whether vaccination had (especially canine distemper and rabies vaccine), including type of vaccine, vaccination of the time.

Age determination

Mainly in the age of the dog teeth growth, tooth peaks and the degree of tooth wear, shape color, comprehensive decision. In order to facilitate control, now the dog’s teeth are described below:

Adult dogs (permanent teeth) teeth as incisors, canines, premolars, molars, a total of 42 pieces.

Puppies (deciduous) teeth as incisors, canines, premolars, a total of 28 pieces. Lack of a gold premolars and molars.

Shorter canine crown all, the maxillary first and second incisor crown form for the three peaks, a large central peak, on both sides of a small peak, each the size of the remaining two peaks incisors, canines were conical curved, sharp tip is Ji and a powerful weapon in self-defense. Premolars to three peaks form. Multi-peak shape molars.

Dog is not wearing sunglasses, is lonely!

Shanghai side playing with a pet, it is natural that need to dress up, and an extremely cool sunglasses is icing on the cake of choice for decorations.

This series of specially designed glasses for the dog, the dog can not only help block UV and wind, but also a good move for the personality they were adjusted, so sunglasses firmly fixed to the head, and will not fall

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